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Pet Security

If you’ve got a standard cat door you could be putting your cat and your finances in jeopardy every single day!

Most other cat flaps are neither strong enough or secure enough to keep other cats out, they are mostly battery powered so the battery could run out and often they rely on your cat wearing a potentially dangerous collar attachment that your cat could lose and end up locked outside in the cold.

Keep reading because you’re about to discover the amazing
new way to keep your cat and make your home safe and secure
from those marauding neighborhood cats for good!…

Some of you may be SHOCKED to realise that you have been feeding neighbour’s cats day after day. Perhaps it’s the first time you considered that while you are out other cats might be getting in!

Naturally you felt that by installing a cat flap would make it easy for your furry little friends to come and go as they please… and indeed it does…

HOWEVER, when you are sleeping, at work, shopping, busy surfing the net, or otherwise not in the room… who knows what else is sneaking through your standard cat flap, infra-red cat flap, or magnetic cat flap?

Chances are, that neighbourhood cats are enjoying your generosity as they FEAST on the delicious dinner that was meant for your cats.

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